Register Sunday | June 16 | 2019

Fahrenheit 9/11

"The criticism of Fahrenheit for being, of all things, partisan surprises me."

I just saw a trailer for Michael Moore's latest documentary, Fahrenheit 9/11. Holy fuck. With how personally I, and all New Yorkers really, take the events and aftermath of Sept. 11, this movie is going to be a difficult one to sit through. I certainly will, though, and I want to see it.

The criticism of Fahrenheit for being, of all things, partisan surprises me. We must be somehow caught off guard by Michael Moore's politics. He's liberal? Nooooooooo. As though we should be shocked that this large liberal blow hard would come up with a political documentary that's critical of the Bush administration's actions and policies around Sept. 11. It certainly doesn't close the door on criticism of the film, but howling at the moon because it is one-sided probably plays into Michael Moore's intentions.

I hope people see it. When the Bush administration has been close mouthed (perhaps even lying, or at the very least disingenuous) about their intentions and what information they had when, it's refreshing for a voice as prominent as Moore's to ask public questions (or make public statements) that demands public answers and public attention.

Personally, I find Moore slightly overbearing and obnoxious. I saw him speak at a town hall meeting a few years ago and was caught off guard by how articulate, funny, and in control he was. He certainly doesn't come off that way in public, but these days, for your voice to be heard, sometimes you have to shout. After seeing Bowling for Columbine last year, and the trailer for 9/11, I'm now glad he's yelling. Maybe we all should join in?