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The Boy Is Mine

How to Deal with a Platonic Boyfriend

Pla·ton·ic boy·friend/pla-'tä-nik 'boi-"frend/ n. 1. man who gives emotional support to, and receives drunken late-night phone calls from, a girl with whom he is not romantically involved. 2. one who comes along (ungrudgingly) to social and business events: Christmas parties, random weddings, etc. 3. the platonic boyfriend pretty much does it all-except for the sexy stuff. [NB: It is not advised to attempt to designate one as a platonic boyfriend if he already has a mate. Just FYI.]

There are many reasons why a girl might be an unfettered single: Maybe she just wants to do her own thing for a while, maybe she hasn't really clicked with anyone, or maybe she is the emotionally unavailable type that sabotages any chance she gets. The list goes on and on. But even if you don't want (or have) a boyfriend, it's tough ...

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