Register Saturday | December 7 | 2019

Mid-Term Euphoria in Washington D.C.

Day two on the road with Do Make Say Think and Broken Social Scene

I was shaken awake at 10:00 a.m. as the bus pulled out of its overnight parking spot and headed back onto the highway. The sleeping quarters, light-proof except for a thin crack along the top of the door, make it possible to wake up and fall back asleep countless times. I limited myself to two extra naps then stumbled groggily into the front room.

Moving around on the moving tour bus is strange-like being on a giant skate board. In the bathroom, standing to pee no longer has any advantage. The towel rack serves as a support to preserve the safety (not to mention the aim) of the person inside. 

On the way to D.C. we scanned the satellite stations for election news. Sadly, on this Election Day, coverage seemed limited to the story of one embarrassed politician who'd been denied a vote after leaving his wallet at home.

Our next venue, The 9:30 Club, didn't look like much from the outside. A plain warehouse with chipped blue paint and no sign to indicate what goes on inside. The interior, happily, was much more inviting. A huge space with excellent sound and lighting, two floors and a two-level balcony, with space for 1,200 people. Every ticket was sold, so a sea of smiles illuminated the show.

Onstage, Kevin was his usual candid self when he announced, "We're gonna practice this song now because we don't do sound check together anymore." The song, a cover of Dinosaur Jr.'s  "The Wagon," was being "rehearsed" in preparation for tomorrow's Providence show, where J Mascis will join the band.

The highlight of this show, however, took place just before BSS played their final song, "It's all gonna break." At that point, Kevin passed on the news that the Democrats had won back control of the House of Representatives. The crowd erupted, and fists pumped the air until the last note was played.

Back on the bus after the show, Justin played DJ. To the soothing sounds of Slayer, Jo, a D.C. native, gave us a brief history lesson and revealed that John Wilkes Booth had run through the alley behind the club, immediately after shooting Abraham Lincoln at the nearby Ford Theatre.  At 3:00 a.m., Ed returned to the bus and brewed a full pot of coffee for the night's drive. Already nodding off as I sorted through the day's photos, I finally climbed into my cocoon and called it a night.