Register Monday | April 19 | 2021
Mycelium Ghost Photographs by Brendan George Ko

Mycelium Ghost

The first time I hear the ghost, I’m sixteen years old and keeping watch of the road leading up to the abandoned barn my mother is scavenging through. High summer on the prairies means that it’s a dry hot, even when you’re in the shade. The scent of pine and sap sticks to our clothes and the wind blowing through the field across from us ripples the canola into ocean waves.

We have signals for if I see a car coming, and a rehearsed story of nehiyaw iskwewak who have lost their way in their own homelands if anyone comes upon us. We’ve been working our way through the prairies, scavenging through empty homes and barns since as far back as I can remember. Our trips would always start before the break of dawn. I would wake in the darkness of our house to the apparition ...

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