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Good Neighbours

Good Neighbours

Letter from Montreal

As my partner Ziya and I stroll down Saint-Zotique, our route turns wavy and nonlinear with the gentle detours we make around other pedestrians. We give slower walkers wide berths of careful distance, hopping down curbs or around trees to avoid the close proximity of others. 

In the winter, it was difficult to even see the people I was trying to keep away from, thanks to  the fog that my mask sent up into my glasses. But as the warm weather has gifted clarity to once slush-clogged streets, it’s also gifted clarity to my line of sight. This is important because I like to scan the street for my friends, the only neighbours I can be close with right now—the cats of Montreal. 

I settled into Montreal in the dead cold of winter at the end of 2019, after ferrying my books, clothes and cats in a cube ...

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