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Our Spring 2021 Issue

March 12, 2021

The past year has brought dramatic shifts to our family structures. But our understanding of what exactly makes a family has been changing for some time now. On our cover, artist Lily Snowden-Fine and art directors Brian Morgan and Rachel Wine show that it’s all relative.

In the Western imagination, growing old often means retreating from life. Furqan Mohamed was raised to know otherwise.

After our loved ones die, we’re left to deal with their belongings. As Nikki Reimer explains, sorting through grief is no small task.

Erin James-Abra always knew she wanted a family. She just couldn’t predict what shape it would take.

Late in his life, Anna Leventhal’s father found a hidden side of his family—and of himself. 

Therapy is supposed to be a space for healing. And yet, years of seeing white therapists only brought Minelle Mahtani more pain.

The Power of Negative thinking: a new comic by Jake Tobin Garrett.

DNA tests promise to tell people who they are and where they’re from. But for Emma Gilchrist, a search for answers only led to more questions.

When Isaac Würmann’s relationship began to crumble, he started seeking out examples of queer love elsewhere. It turns out, he didn’t have to look far. 

Plus new fiction by Jessica Johns, poetry by Kate Kennedy, the Book Room, the Music Room and more!