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Matrix Responds to 'The Music We Hate'

Music We Hate

In its current issue, Matrix magazine has a thoughtful response to our Summer "Music We Hate" cover story by columnist Ian Orti. We hoped to generate some discussion, so it's nice to see our fellow Montrealers over at Matrix take the bait. A choice point from Ian Orti's piece:

"It's boring to slag a band that everyone loathes" they declare, but what is untouchable about bands they admit are blips on the radar? Moreover, these bands are far from immune to harsh criticism or public scorn. There are, after all, far more kids who have been punched in the stomach for liking Sufjan Stevens than there ever have been for liking Nickelback.


Read the rest of the piece here. And we still have some copies left of the "Music We Hate" issue, which you can order by contacting us.

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