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Maisonneuve is full of big ideas and ambitious writing. We feature the best in Canadian writing and illustration, and when it comes to the National Magazine Awards, we punch well above our weight—this year, we’re beyond pleased to have 18 nominations over 12 categories, which sets a new record for us!

Maisonneuve is also a small magazine, running on a shoestring budget: that means every little bit counts.

Right now, we need your help as we run a month-long subscription campaign. Each new subscriber is an important step towards ensuring that we can keep providing a home for thoughtful writers and perceptive illustrators. Our goal is to add 250 new subscribers by June 17. Along with four award-winning issues per year of Maisonneuve, we’re giving away some gifts to sweeten the deal!

How can you help out? By subscribing!* If you’re already a subscriber, you can extend your subscription, and/or buy a gift subscription for a friend or loved one. Three-year and two-year subscriptions in particular help us plan Maisy’s future. The first issue of your subscription will be our Summer 2016 issue, which hits newsstands on June 17.

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*This deal is only available to Canadian subscribers.

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