Portraits of Alden Penner

The man behind Montreal's the Unicorns and Clues talks about his new solo album.

Highlight Reel

On the found poetry of Mary Dalton's Hooking.

Nature vs. Numbers

With government cuts looming, Parks Canada needs cash. Are the guardians of our unspoiled wilderness selling out?

Review: Untitled Feminist Show

Young Jean Lee bucks our expectations to turn sincerity into an effective weapon.

Field Recording: Heard in St. Henri

From the collection Malgré tout on rit à Saint-Henri (Le Quartanier). Translation by Melissa Bull.

On the Trail of Ignored Beasts

Cryptozoologists head into the forest looking for something bigger than themselves.

Critical Mass

Witnessing mob violence in Tanzania.

Ne Me Quitte Pas

When the Parisian leans against me on the bleachers, I feel like I am winning by 250 points.

Amidst the Smoke and Steam

Men hugely outnumber women in the kitchens of high-end restaurants and the imbalance is a recipe for abuse.

He Will Speak to Us

The three of us took the show on the road, with me as the ringleader, and the bobcat would do tricks.
Blog Posts

I'm Not Being Paid to Write This

Our unpaid intern doesn't believe in unpaid internships. Let her explain.

Ruth Ozeki on Breaking the Fictional World

The author discusses the influences on her Man Booker-nominated novel A Tale for the Time Being.

The Self-Awareness of HBO's Girls

There’s a strangely pervasive idea, borne either of scenes taken out of context or just of willful misunderstanding, that Girls endorses its characters’ behaviour.

Video Reel
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Tokyo Police Club: Argentina (Parts I, II, III)

Tokyo Police Club's new album is out March 25. Read Chandler Levack's review in Issue 51.


Our Spring 2014 Issue

March 11, 2014

The pressures put on the environment by human consumption, and the ensuing changes to the landscapes we occupy, are nothing new. But more sustainable sources ...

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Feb. 18, 2014

Maisonneuve is an award-winning, not-for-profit general-interest magazine, published in English and based in Montreal. We are seeking a brilliant, energetic magazine fanatic to join our ...

Presenting Maisonneuve's Third Annual Genre Fiction Contest!

Jan. 20, 2014

Presenting: Maisonneuve's third annual Genre Fiction contest!Maisonneuve runs a literary contest every year, with the contest's genre changing from year to year ...