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    Wednesday, April 27, 2016

    About Face

    By Shane Neilson Shane Neilson always thought that bipolar disorder had permanently distorted his facial expressions. But the truth ran much deeper.
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    Thursday, April 21, 2016

    Back to the Drawing Board

    By Peter Henderson Richard Williams spent more than twenty-five years creating what has been called the greatest film never released. Peter Henderson illustrates the story of the Canadian animation icon whose masterpiece ended his Hollywood career.
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    Wednesday, April 13, 2016


    By Nikki Wiart With Canada set to enact new right-to-death legislation, Nikki Wiart argues that we all need to get comfortable talking about end-of-life choices.
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    Wednesday, March 30, 2016

    Catching the Light

    By Sara Black-McCulloch Once, my grandmother and I got lost. We stood under a willow, the sunlight tickling its long strands, the light flickering.

Kings, Queens and Everything In-Between

Men and women are only part of the equation. Sara Harowitz on the non-binary drag performers who are redefining gender.

All the Impossible Possibilities

George comes over after Emily goes to bed and he leaves in the middle of the night. We do it in the guest room, not in my bedroom where my husband's ghost sleeps.

Will That Be All?

Alex Manley spent years working in a Montreal dépanneur that had something for everyone: cigarettes, newspapers and, beneath the counter, little baggies of mysterious white powder.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bod

Non-sexual nudity is one of the last taboos in Canada. But, as Jessica Beuker discovers, it’s liberating to let it all hang out.

The Unbelievers

Leaving Islam often means isolation and intense social pressure from friends and family. Graeme Bayliss on how former Muslims are coming together to show that there is life after faith.

At Least the Bombs Aren't Falling

Twenty years after the end of the war, Vesna Plazacic finds a hopelessness gripping Bosnia’s youth.

No Place Like Home

An influx of rich young urbanites into a neighbourhood often leads to an exodus of its lower-income residents. However, Samantha Edwards argues that gentrification doesn’t have to be a winner-take-all scenario.

Home Truths

In the Yukon, those with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder rarely find the care they need. Rhiannon Russell on a deadly lack of support.

When Living Was Easy

Be happy, be productive, be your best self: everybody has a version of the bathroom mirror mantra that defines the good life. Scaachi Koul and Naomi Skwarna on the tyranny of a life well lived.

A Wee Dispute

Kate Sloan on how a call for scientific conclusions about female ejaculation is drowning in a wave of pleasure.

Worth the Risk?

For most patients, morcellation means less-invasive surgery. For others, it can be a death sentence. Alison Motluk investigates why two former Harvard doctors are trying to ban a procedure that left one of them riddled with cancer.
Blog Posts

The Canonization of Millicent Travis Lane

Laura Ritland reviews How Thought Feels: The Poetry of M. Travis Lane, which recognizes the work of one of Canada's best (and unheralded) poets.

Be Less Boring: Drew Nelles on Rethinking the Traditional Magazine Structure

Andrea Bennett speaks with Drew Nelles about the case for killing the traditional front-of-book magazine section.

Montreal Mystics: An interview with Sigal Samuel

Climbing the Tree of Life with Sigal Samuel, author of The Mystics of Mile End.


Maisonneuve Nominated for Eighteen National Magazine Awards, including Magazine of the Year

May 2, 2016

Maisonneuve is proud to announce that we're up for a record eighteen nods at this year's National Magazine Awards, including Magazine of the ...

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