Sad Sack

By Stephen Marche & Alexandra Molotkow
Have sex and intimacy become uneasy bedfellows? Undressing modern romance.

The Forgotten Internment

When World War II threatened a remote chain of islands off the Alaskan coast, the indigenous Aleut people were displaced from their homes.

Now We Here

Canadian society celebrates diversity, but only when it's convenient. On the country's complicated relationship with blackness.

Haunting Saint Henri

I would take that quarter-mile jag and own it, spectrally.

The Orange Orchard

An excerpt from The Orange Trees of Baghdad: In Search of My Lost Family.

The Million-Year-Old Light of the Hand-Shaped Constellation

The first-place story from our 2014 Genre Fiction Contest.

Shots in the Afternoon

One of two second-place winners in Maisonneuve's annual Genre Fiction contest. This year's theme was mystery.


One of two second-place winners in Maisonneuve's annual Genre Fiction contest. This year's theme was mystery.

Letter from Montreal: A Mile End Beginning

I’d just moved, and newcomer logic dictates that you never say no to anything.

An Interview with Jeff Parker

The author on the Russian train ride that inspired his new non-fiction book Where the Bears Roam the Streets.
Blog Posts

The Postscript: Finding Al

Writing personal narratives means revealing parts of yourself to strangers that you might not tell some of your closest friends.

I Didn't Come Here to Make Friends: An Exchange with Michael Lista

Lista's latest book, The Scarborough, is set on the weekend in 1992 when Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka abducted, tortured and killed Kristin French.

Edinburgh's Commonwealth Games of Art

Where do I end and you begin brings together twenty artists, many born in the 1980s, all from countries that print money with the queen.


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