Sunday | May 24 | 2015

Out Of Our Hands

When the law fails women, they find their own ways to deal with perpetrators of sexual assault.

Collective Independents

For the first time in Canadian history, homes with a single occupant outnumber those with nuclear families. On the new domestic frontier.

Letter from Montreal: The City Undressed

He looked at me as if there had never been anyone else. Until he didn’t.

Water Upon the Earth

Hunting covenants and dinosaurs through the Alberta floods.

Finding a Place

An autistic New Brunswick woman has spent years searching for somewhere to call home. While Savannah Shannon is unique, her story is not.

Opportunities and Profits in the Coming Great Depression: Part Two

O the great migration of time in money!—Arkadii Dragomoshchenko.

A Portrait of the Artist with Testicles in Hand

An ache in the gonads is just an ache in the gonads, right?

Letter From Montreal: The Ghost in the Machine

Playing Quebec's VLTs feels casual. That’s a big part of the reason people pour their paychecks into them.

Making Gains

More and more women are hitting the weight room and revelling in the power they discover at the squat rack.

Face of the New West

Has Naheed Nenshi's time in office changed Calgary's racial climate?
Blog Posts

Looking Back on Lemon Hound

As online magazine Lemon Hound ceases operations, poets Kevin Spenst and Andrea Bennett discuss its legacy and impact on poetry in Canada.

Modern and Doomed: On Karen Solie's The Road In Is Not The Same Road Out

The often fulsome praise for Karen Solie’s early work has proved prescient. The Road In Is Not the Same Road Out, Solie’s fourth book of poetry, is her strongest collection yet.

Seeking Justice for Cindy Gladue

After the man charged with Cindy Gladue's death was acquitted, many Canadians are arguing that the criminal justice system does not serve Indigenous women.


Maisonneuve Nominated for Fourteen National Magazine Awards

May 4, 2015

Maisonneuve is proud to announce that we're up for fourteen nods at this year's National Magazine Awards! In the Special Awards categories, Genna ...

Witness: Indigenous Women's Writings Presented by Maisonneuve

April 24, 2015

On Sunday, April 26, Maisonneuve presents Witness: Indigenous Women's Writings as part of the Blue Metropolis Festival. Annharte and Lee Maracle will discuss the ...

Our Spring 2015 Issue

March 17, 2015

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