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By Justin Ling Sept. 9, 2014

Canadian dairy is one of the most formidable forces in Ottawa. How did our lactose overlords get so powerful?

Nunavut's Nursing Crisis

By Ann Silversides Aug. 20, 2014

The life expectancy in Canada's newest territory is a decade lower than the rest of the country, and those most essential to providing front-line health care are in short supply.

Memory's Harvest

By Christian Allaire Aug. 6, 2014

A growing number of indigenous people in Canada are experimenting with traditional diets, and the trend is about more than just health.

El Pueblo

By Brett Gundlock July 31, 2014

Gold winner in the Photoessay and Photojournalism category at the National Magazine Awards 2014.

Sad Sack

By Stephen Marche & Alexandra Molotkow July 21, 2014

Have sex and intimacy become uneasy bedfellows? Undressing modern romance.

The Forgotten Internment

By Eva Holland July 16, 2014

When World War II threatened a remote chain of islands off the Alaskan coast, the indigenous Aleut people were displaced from their homes.

Now We Here

By Tiana Reid July 8, 2014

Canadian society celebrates diversity, but only when it's convenient. On the country's complicated relationship with blackness.


By Rory Gunderson June 18, 2014

One of two second-place stories in Maisonneuve's annual Genre Fiction contest. This year's theme was mystery.