The Orange Orchard

An excerpt from The Orange Trees of Baghdad: In Search of My Lost Family.

The Million-Year-Old Light of the Hand-Shaped Constellation

The first-place story from our 2014 Genre Fiction Contest.

Shots in the Afternoon

One of two second-place winners in Maisonneuve's annual Genre Fiction contest. This year's theme was mystery.


One of two second-place winners in Maisonneuve's annual Genre Fiction contest. This year's theme was mystery.

Letter from Montreal: A Mile End Beginning

I’d just moved, and newcomer logic dictates that you never say no to anything.

An Interview with Jeff Parker

The author on the Russian train ride that inspired his new non-fiction book Where the Bears Roam the Streets.

Second Skin

Actors turn the human instinct for performance into art. Ingrid Veninger’s The Animal Project explores this unique psychology.

Northern Impasse

A power line could bring clean energy from Quebec into American homes, but at what cost? A report from the heart of New Hampshire's anti-hydro rebellion.

Sunless Sketches of a Sprawling City

Remembering Stephen Leacock, Canada's master ironist, one hundred years after the release of Arcadian Adventures with the Idle Rich.

Pretending You're German in Glasgow

A review of this year's Glasgow International Art Festival.
Blog Posts

Two Poets Discuss: Dani Couture's YAW and Jason Guriel's Satisfying Clicking Sound

Does a song to a speed bump, if deftly done, carry as much artistic heft as moving sustained elegy?

The Postscript: Eva Holland on Underreported Stories

The Issue 51 contributor discusses her feature on the Aleut internment.

Borges & I Watching the World Cup

I’ve become a sports fan, which, as it turns out, is not the opposite of a political intellectual.


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