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A Hitlerian vocabulary

I Blutsgefühl. Blood feeling. The sense of mystical belonging that all Germans should have. braune Bibel. Brown bible. Hitler's Mein Kampf. Deutschlandflug. Plane ride over Germany. Hitler's sensational fourteen-day propaganda and campaign trip in a Ju52 airplane in 1932, when he visited sixty German cities. Der schöne Adolf. Handsome Adolf. Nickname for Hitler used by millions of German and Austrian women and teenagers infatuated with him. "Ficken für Volk und Führer." "Fuck for the (German) people and leader." Obscene, to be a full National Socialist and produce children. Eintopfsonntag. One-pot meal Sunday. To show solidarity with the poor, from 1933 every second Sunday of the months of October through March was reserved for these meatless meals in German homes and restaurants. A neighbourhood warden, Blockwart, came to homes to check that families upheld this practice. abschreiben. To write off (a debt). To work Jews to death to write off their imagined debt to Germany. der Relativitätsjude. The Relativity Jew. Pejorative for Albert Einstein. anständiger Jude. Decent Jew. An exceptional Jew who was still to be destroyed along with all Jews. Kohntinent. Cohen's continent. Derisive for continent of North America and alluding to Jewish influence on the United States. DEHOMAG D-11. Hollerith electric tabulating system. IBM electric punch card and printing device capable of processing millions of punch cards, enabling the Nazis to efficiently identify and mass murder Jews, Gypsies, Poles, and others. The machines were custom designed for the Third Reich and serviced monthly by IBM-trained Nazi personnel. Artus-Plan. (King) Arthur Plan. Code name for the planned invasion in the summer of 1940 of Ireland with the support of the IRA. Fremdstämmigenkartei. File of aliens. Card-index list of persons of alien race supplied by the German churches to the SS. Ahnenerbe-Forschungs- und Lehrgemeinschaft. Society for Research into the Teaching of Ancestral Heritage. SS institution founded by Himmler in July 1935 for research into racial prehistory of the German Volk. Later involved in so-called medical experiments on concentration camp prisoners, especially those performed by August Hirt, Head of the Anatomy Institute at the University of Strasbourg, whose project was to decapitate Jews to study their skulls and brains in order to obtain scientific support for Himmler's racial theories. artfremdes Eiweiß. Alien protein. Un-German (Jewish) sperm. auskämmen. To comb out. To clear an area of Jews. Fall Madagaskar. Case Madagascar. A Nazi proposal and plan for the expulsion of east European Jews to Madagascar Island off southeast Africa. British, Dutch, and Polish antisemites all supported the plan, and the Polish government sent a commission to examine the feasibility of a mass Jewish emigration. Ultimately, the plan was considered impractical and was abandoned. "Jordansplantscher unerwünscht!" "Splashers from the Jordan River not wanted." Text of a sign forbidding Jews to swim in the lake at Wannsee, Berlin. Antisemit. Antisemite. Roll-your-own cigarette tobacco introduced by the Nazis in 1920 to further their antisemitic propaganda campaign. Judensechser. Jew-six. In the antisemitic children's book in German schools, Der Giftpilz, the allegedly typical Jewish nose was shaped like the number 6 reversed. jüdische Stunde. Jewish hour. Refers to the limited time ferman Jews were permitted to be on the street to shop in late 1930s and early 1940s. Fäulniserscheinung. Occurrence of putrefaction. Antisemitic collective term for Jews. Israel. Israel. Name Jewish men were forced to take from 1939. II Briefaktion. Letter action. Nazis forced Jews, upon their arrival at the camps, to write letters/postcards to relatives complimenting conditions. Such epistles often deceived the ghetto Jews about their deadly future. Aufbaukommando. Building squad. Jewish slave laborers who constructed Auschwitz and were later murdered. "Arsch der Welt." "Asshole of the world." Popular Nazi phrase for Poland in general and Auschwitz in particular. Barry. Dog at Treblinka trained to attack the genitals of naked prisoners awaiting death in the gas chambers. Hasenjagd. Rabbit hunt. Hunting down and killing Jews. Herr Rolf. Mr. Rolf. At Plaszow concentration camp, Commandant Amon Göth's dog who was trained to attack, especially naked Jewish women prisoners being beaten by the SS. die schöne Bestie. The Beautiful Beast. Irma Grese, from nineteen, served at Ravensbrück, Auschwitz-Birkenau, and Bergen-Belsen, and was responsible for the torture and murder of thousands of women and some men. Reputed to be a bisexual sadist. Giftgas. Ironic in English, the German word for poison gas. Kinobesuch. Going to the cinema. Ironic for being selected to go to the gas chamber. durch den Kamin. Through the chimney. Referred to people murdered by gas and their bodies cremated, with the smoke rising from the chimneys. der Doktor. The doctor. Ironic for the chief stoker assigned to the crematoria to smash with an iron pipe the skulls of the near-dead unloaded from a newly arrived trainload of prisoners. Dentisten. Dentists. Death camp inmates forced to extract gold from teeth of corpses and to check for other hidden valuables. Kanada. Canada. Slang name used by the guards and inmates for the warehouses in Auschwitz II where the personal property taken from the thousands of victims heading for the gas chambers was sorted, collected, and stored. Fallschirmspringer. Parachutists. Prisoners who jumped from the top of the Wienergraben quarry. Muselmann. Muslim. Slang referring to a concentration camp inmate on his way to death by means of starvation, exhaustion, and despair. normale Tagesquote. Normal daily quota. Average number of concentration camp prisoners murdered each day. "Rein ist fein." "Clean is nice." Auschwitz sign. III deutscher Blick. German glance. Humorous for Germans looking in all directions before criticizing Hitler and the Nazi government. Balkonschwein. Balcony pig/pork. Ironic for main course of a German meal during the final stages of World War II-in reality cat meat. Aktion Wolkenbrand. Operation Cloud Fire. Plan to poison all Dachau inmates before Allied liberation, except for non-Jewish POWs. Humanität. Humanity. According to Nazi ideology, a degenerate belief fostered by Jews to place the interests of the individual above the people and the nation. internationale Mörderbande. Band of international murderers. Nazi name for Jews. "Erst wenn der letzte Jude ist verschwunden,/ Hat das Volk seine Erlösung gefunden!" "Only when the last Jew has disappeared / Will the German people have found its salvation." Untermenschen. Subhuman people. A 1942 Race and Settlement head office pamphlet stated that subhumans only seemed biologically similar to Aryans because they had "hands, feet and a kind of brain, with eyes and a mouth." But they were "a completely different, dreadful creature, only a rough copy of a human being, with human-like facial traits but morally and mentally lower than any animal." Friede. Peace. The state of affairs that would occur when all of Germany's racial and spatial requirements were satisfied.