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What is Maisonneuve?

Maisonneuve has been described as a new New Yorker for a younger generation, or as Harper's meets Vice, or as Vanity Fair without the vanity—but Maisonneuve is its own creature. Maisonneuve's purpose is to keep its readers informed, alert, and entertained, and to dissolve artistic borders between regions, countries, languages and genres. It does this by providing a diverse range of commentary across the arts, sciences, daily and social life. The magazine has a balanced perspective, and "brings the news" in a wide variety of ways. At its core, Maisonneuve asks questions about our lives and provides answers free of cant and cool.

Who reads Maisonneuve?

Open-minded, inquisitive, quality-seeking people. Most of our readers live in urban areas, have a university degree (or more than one), and range in age from 25-50 years old. Maisonneuve readers exert a significant influence on the cultural views and consumer choices of people around them.


The magazine was established in 2002 as a non-profit association by founding editor Derek Webster. Webster saw a need for an intelligent, stylish, unpretentious magazine based in Montreal, something that merged the artistry of the literary quarterly with the social eye of a political journal and the humour and eye-catching visuals often found in men's and fashion magazines.

Maisonneuve started out in an elegant, cold-water walk-up on Sherbrooke Street West. The first issue was received surprisingly well, with both local and national media covering its launch and many newsstands selling out the limited distribution. Critics pronounced Maisonneuve a necessary and exciting publication, our events became hot tickets attended by thousands, and this website grew into a vibrant hub of activity.

The magazine has since won numerous awards, most notably Magazine of the Year at the National Magazine Awards in both 2012 and 2004. Maisonneuve now publishes out of the beautiful Montreal neighbourhood of Petite Patrie.

What's in a name?

Maisonneuve literally means "new house" and suggests the spirit of collective enterprise the magazine gathers under one roof. The magazine takes its name from Paul de Chomedey de Maisonneuve, Montreal's cofounder. A teenage soldier who experienced something of a religious conversion in his twenties, de Maisonneuve came from Champagne, where his last remains can be found today.


Publisher: Jennifer Varkonyi

Editor-in-Chief: Nour Abi-Nakhoul

Art Directors: Brian Morgan and Rachel Wine

Associate Editor: Tobin Ng

Writing From Quebec: Katia Grubusic

Poetry: Suzannah Showler 

Editors at Large: Lucy Uprichard, Sarah Ratchford, Madi Haslam, Andrea BennettMadeline Coleman, Haley CullinghamMatthew FoxKim FuDrew NellesAmelia Schonbek, Carmine Starnino, Daniel Viola

Programmer: Cody Django