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Drew Nelles

Wild Justice

A bull burned at the stake, a swarm of locusts excommunicated—animal trials were once surprisingly common.

Brushes With Jack

New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton died today at sixty-one.

Rock Bottom

Please don’t talk about your band. You’re only going to embarrass yourself.

Interview With Cadence Weapon

The rapper and renaissance man discusses his new album, life in Edmonton and the poetics of hip hop.

Shock of the Old

Luddites moan the iPad, Kindle and other e-readers spell the death of books. The ongoing popularity of vinyl records proves otherwise: the best technologies stick around.

Editor Snags GG Nod

Editor-in-chief Carmine Starnino nominated for Governor-General's Award

Singh Interview

Maisonneuve speaks with the writer of "Belly Dancing Blues" (Issue 31, Spring 2009).

Bechard Interview

Maisonneuve speaks with the writer of "Learning to Rage" (Issue 31, Spring 2009).