Register Sunday | February 5 | 2023


Please read the guidelines below before contacting Maisonneuve.


Maisonneuve considers non-fiction writing of all kinds (reporting, essays, memoir, humour, etc.) and visual art (illustration, photography, comics, etc.). To get a sense of the sort of work we publish, we suggest reading some recent back issues before you submit to us. Unfortunately, due to the volume of submissions received and our very small editorial staff, we no longer accept unsolicited submissions of fiction or poetry. Maisonneuve does not accept submissions that have been published elsewhere. Though we accept both pitches as well as polished drafts, we strongly prefer well-developed, well-researched pitches. If you'd like to get a sense of what we're looking for in a pitch, read Drew Nelles' "How to Write a Magazine Pitch." 


All writing submissions may be submitted electronically through Maisonneuve's Submittable account or by email to lucy[at]maisonneuve[dot]org.

We welcome submissions of comics and photo essays, as well as artist portfolios for those interested in future illustration assignments. Please send all visual submissions to design[at]maisonneuve[dot]org.

It can take us up to three months to respond to submissions.