Register Monday | April 6 | 2020
Peak Performance Photo by Alana Riley.

Peak Performance

Letter from Montreal.

Squished on a floral sofa in Park Extension with a handful of strangers, I was instructed to begin making a noise you could only really describe as horny mewling. I went with something like the mmm you might make at the first bite of a delicious meal, but angstier. This would escalate into wailing before easing into satisfied sighs. 

It was my first rehearsal with something called the Fake Orgasm Choir. Queer performance artist Coral Short was conducting us through four compositions they had written. They kneeled on the floor and waved their arms, getting us to build and then decrease the intensity of our moaning or the speed of our panting. 

Before I arrived, I’d been told no musical training was necessary. But I’d noticed a few worried glances when I admitted that not only did I not know if I was a soprano or alto, but ...

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