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Breaking the News

Amid a crisis of trust in media, live journalism seeks to reconnect journalists and audiences.

Missing Values

As policymakers set their sights on frameworks beyond GDP, the question of what it means to quantify a nation's wellbeing becomes pressing.

Safe Travels

If Canada prides itself on its treatment of refugees, it needs to abolish the Safe Third Country Agreement.


The purchase of a loom leads to a contemplation of the fabric of identity through a legacy of Diné weaving.

Acting Out

An extravagantly queer production of Richard II claps back at Shakespeare purists' conservatism.

À la Modem

As fashion moves into Big Tech's metaverses, digital clothes are feeling a little last season.

Word Search

As AI elbows its way into the translation industry, our machines—and their creators—are taking the humanity out of language.

Outside the Frame

Photo technologies have always been blighted by biases, but creators of colour nonetheless find ways to express themselves.

Memory Error

Stockpiling broken belongings and useless screenshots can be a way to battle assimilation, until the digital clutter becomes a problem.

Exit Music

DIY shows have been a lifeline for musicians. Now the tech industry wants to bring the scene above-board.

Salt, Fat, Neon Hell

Montreal’s cyberpunk-themed ramen restaurant speaks to a cultural fascination with a high-tech future; maybe its flavour is a little off.

Horning In

Satirical politics is a family affair for this second-gen Rhino, but does politics still have room for humour?

Turf Wars

The battle to preserve a patch of forest in Pointe-Claire becomes a flashpoint for community camaraderie.