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Fact or Friction

Cori Howard didn't think anything could come between her and her closest friend—let alone a vaccine.

Out of Many

Sharine Taylor reviews photographer Jorian Charlton's first solo exhibition.

Blowing Smoke

Is Canadian literary criticism on its last breath? Emily M. Keeler assesses.

Reality Has Its Own Thing

Anupa Mistry considers Toronto’s topographies of grief, art and spectatorship.

The Colonial Legacy of Canadian Art

Settler arts institutions keep using the language of decolonization, writes Ossie Michelin. Yet their efforts are falling short.

The Flip Side

In Montreal, Jim Burke explains, French and English theatres set the stage for mutual understanding.

No Joke

Sexualized violence is rampant in comedy, reports Madison Trusolino. Is anything changing?

Different Strokes

Yellowknife eschews art-world elitism, writes Sarah Swan. Could it be Canada’s capital of Outsider Art?


Photos and text by Brendan George Ko
Blog Posts

What We Both Know

An interview with author Fawn Parker.

The Good Arabs

An interview with author Eli Tareq El Bechelany-Lynch.

When Shit Hits the Facebook Group

On the chaos of scrolling through online neighbourhood groups.

Once More, With Feeling

An interview with author Sophie McCreesh.


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