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All on the Line

At six foot eight, Richard Kelly Kemick is built for volleyball. There’s only one problem: he’s not any good.

Circling the Drain

In Writers’ Rights, Nicole Cohen argues that the media’s treatment of freelancers leaves many risking financial ruin. Erin Pehlivan takes a closer look.


New poem by Suzannah Showler.

Hook, Line and Screecher

As Brad Dunne explores, there are three ways to become a Newfoundlander: by birth, by residence or by initiation.

Let Them Eat Cake

Historically, Italians were called ignorant, subversive and prone to violence. While the groups of immigrants coming to Canada have changed, prejudices towards them have not.

Burning Bush

Canada is experiencing an unprecedented number of wild fires. As Sharon J. Riley investigates, our obsession with putting out flames may be what’s fuelling them.

Tour de Babel

Caitlin Stall-Paquet on how Quebec’s false French-English dichotomy erases its linguistic minorities.

Litmus Test

Scientific misconduct in Canada can include outright plagiarism and fraud as well as minor unintentional mistakes. Miriam Shuchman investigates how the system is letting researchers down.

Picture Day

The West is inundated with images of refugees. But as Seila Rizvic explores, every wartime snapshot is also a family photo.

Crib Notes

Gavin Tomson reads Rivka Galchen’s Little Labors, reflecting on writers who mother and mothers who write.
Blog Posts

Checking in a Post-Fact World: An Interview with Amelia Schonbek

Maisy EIC and former Associate Editor Amelia Schonbek discuss the complexities of fact-checking.

How to Research and Write in a Way Your Fact-Checker Will Appreciate

Maisy EIC Andrea Bennett and Reader's Digest Assistant Editor Megan Jones talk fact-checking 101.

Sticks Angelica heads back to the land

Marie Brière de la Hosseraye interviews Michael DeForge

Overturning Scarcity

Forty Years of Abundant Change at Room Magazine


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