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Studying the Swarm

How bees can guide us toward more communal perspectives on reproduction and queer family-making.

Missing Values

As policymakers set their sights on frameworks beyond GDP, the question of what it means to quantify a nation's wellbeing becomes pressing.

Little Fires Everywhere

After a fire ravages a home, it seems it's always tenants who are left to pick through the ashes and shoulder the responsibility.

Safe Travels

If Canada prides itself on its treatment of refugees, it needs to abolish the Safe Third Country Agreement.


The purchase of a loom leads to a contemplation of the fabric of identity through a legacy of Diné weaving.

Acting Out

An extravagantly queer production of Richard II claps back at Shakespeare purists' conservatism.
Blog Posts


An interview with author Neil Smith.

Three Poems

Three poems by Derek Webster, poet and founding editor of Maisonneuve.

Study for Obedience

Sarah Bernstein's second novel complicates the categories of guilt and innocence, victim and perpetrator.

Excerpt: Quality Time by Suzannah Showler

An excerpt of Quality Time by Suzannah Showler.

That's Camp

Considering the absurdity of corporate pride Twitter.


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Intern at Maisonneuve: Spring-Summer 2024

Dec. 5, 2023

Maisonneuve is now accepting applications for part-time research interns. We’re looking for well-organized, self-motivated candidates with a passion for magazines and the ability to ...

Introducing Maisonneuve’s New Associate Editor Tobin Ng

Nov. 6, 2023

Maisonneuve is delighted to announce that Tobin Ng will be taking over the role of associate editor.