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Poem for Girl Who Passed Out

New poetry from Shazia Hafiz Ramji.

Trust Exercise

In a pandemic, following the rules is an act of love. But the HIV crisis taught Stephanie Nolen that overlooking them can be, too.

Highs and Lows

Letter from Montreal.

The Summer 2020 Book Room

Summer reads from Saleema Nawaz, Walter Scott, Madhur Anand, Eva Crocker and others.

Final Sale

When you’re sheltering in place, shopping doesn’t make much sense. So why is it so hard to stop doing it?

Face to Face

Holed up, Suzannah Showler asks what we really owe the outside world.

Seasons of Separation

By Photos and text by Kate Hutchinson.
A photo essay.

Filling the Void

A pesky meme keeps saying Montreal’s overhyped. Is it right?

The New Privileges

Writing from Quebec. Translated by Melissa Bull.

Banding Together

There’s such a thing as a solitary artistic genius—and Donovan Woods remembered this spring why he wouldn’t want to be one.

Metaphorically Speaking

Apocalyptic novels used to be fun, Kevin Chong knows, but writers of the future will have to get their own literary devices.
Blog Posts

A Guide to Problematic Monuments in Montreal

From Macdonald to Maisonneuve, colonial monuments dominate the city's public spaces.

Talking to a Portrait: An interview with Rosalind Pepall

"Often curators are very much in the background. People don't know what they're doing all the time and the crazy things that happen to get a show up."

The Postscript: Kieran Delamont on leaving behind the lions of Grand Bend

For the past year, lion cages and tiger enclosures—home to a dozen or so cats—have been the source of low-level psychic torture for ...

Life is Elsewhere

By Aurélie Lanctôt. Translated by Melissa Bull.

There are days where deafening, silent rage seethes in me, leaving no room to doubt its legitimacy.

Nerve: An interview with Eva Holland

"It's just such a relief to know you're not alone. Fear feels so isolating, and it can feel so embarrassing."


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