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Shake, Rattle, Roll

Andrea Bennett on the part cyclists will play in disaster relief after the Really Big One hits the Pacific Northwest.

Black Market Babies

Religious matching and lax anti-trafficking laws led to a booming underground market for infants in mid-century Montreal. Adam Elliott Segal, the son of one such adoptee, investigates.

Benevolent Big Brother

Tannara Yelland revisits Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media on its twenty-fifth anniversary.

Growing Season

As family farms disappear from the Canadian landscape, eco-conscious first-generation farmers would like to take their place. But, as Nikki Wiart reports, this is easier said than done.

Ku Klux Canada

Robyn Maynard on our nation’s forgotten and far-from-over history of populist anti-Black violence.

Fleur de Least Resistance

Alan Randolph Jones on Those Who Make Revolution Halfway Only Dig Their Own Graves, which deconstructs the relevance of revolutionary fervour in modern-day Quebec.

No Woman Is an Island

Deborah Ostrovsky on how in addition to being the city of love, Montreal is also the city of broken hearts.

Tall Tales from the Underground

An urban myth holds that Portland’s subterranean tunnels were used to kidnap sailors for cheap labour. Will Preston digs into the story’s facts and fictions.

All the Girls Love Jesus

A short story by Meredith Hambrock.

The Language of Profit

Private language schools have always struggled to balance educational needs with profit. Erika Thorkelson investigates how these tensions boiled over at one Vancouver school, leaving students and teachers out on the street.
Blog Posts

Pitching: An Editor’s Roundtable with Haley Cullingham and Erica Lenti

A conversation with Haley Cullingham and Erica Lenti.

Mentorship Round-Up

A non-exhaustive list of Canada's writing mentorship programs.

The Postscript: Adam Elliott Segal on Montreal's Black Market Babies

Andrea Bennett interviews Adam Elliott Segal about his Summer cover story.

History in Shapes and Spaces

A Review of Besides, History, a new exhibit at the Canadian Centre for Architecture.


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