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The Peace in Peril

The Site C dam project threatens to flood the Peace River in Northeastern British Columbia.

Rocks, Holes, Dynamite, Heart

Excerpts from the novel Les Murailles, translated by Melissa Bull.

Abitibi's Little Russia

Translated by Melissa Bull, from Nouveau Projet Issue 11.

Same Campus, Worlds Apart

International students are a huge boon to the economy, but as Carine Abouseif writes, bureaucracy and social isolation can make it tough for them to set down roots in Canadian soil.

Buried at Centre Ice

As Benjamin Hertwig reports, the Edmonton Oilers’ new arena has revitalized the city’s downtown­—and displaced its most vulnerable residents.


New poetry by Laura Ritland.

Putting the Centennial in Sesquicentennial

Reflecting on the last time we took comfort in ecstatic nationalism.

Shake, Rattle, Roll

Andrea Bennett on the part cyclists will play in disaster relief after the Really Big One hits the Pacific Northwest.
Blog Posts

2017 Maisy Contributor Book Round-Up!

A busy year in publishing for Maisy contributors.

Face to Face (Okay, Screen to Screen)

An Interview with Guillaume Morissette

What We're Supposed to Write: An Interview with Naben Ruthnum

By Kim Fu

Kim Fu interviews Naben Ruthnum about his new book, Curry.

Pitching: An Editors' Roundtable with Haley Cullingham and Erica Lenti

A conversation with Haley Cullingham and Erica Lenti.


Statement on Richard Kelly Kemick's story "The Most Human Part of You"

Oct. 4, 2017

A message from Maisonneuve's Publisher and Editor-in-Chief.

Chris Urquhart's Dirty Kids Launch

Oct. 2, 2017

Maisonneuve contributor Chris Urquhart's brand-new book, Dirty Kids, is out with Greystone Books.

Selena Ross joins Maisonneuve

Sept. 25, 2017

Maisy welcomes a new Associate Editor.