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  • slide: Nature Versus Nurture
    Tuesday, December 18, 2018

    Nature Versus Nurture

    By Lorraine Glendenning After giving up motherhood thirty years ago for the sake of the climate, Lorraine Glendenning now asks if it was worth it.
  • slide: Danger Zone
    Wednesday, November 14, 2018

    Danger Zone

    By Chris Scott Ukrainian ultra-nationalists are violently attacking fellow citizens—and that means Canada has a choice to make.
  • slide: Self-made métis
    Thursday, November 1, 2018

    Self-made métis

    By Darryl Leroux Tens of thousands of Canadians have begun calling themselves Métis, Darryl Leroux finds, and now they’re trying to get the courts to agree.
  • slide: Crude Tactics
    Friday, September 14, 2018

    Crude Tactics

    By Ethan Lou Behind the scenes of the Trans Mountain pipeline fight.

Writing on the Wall

André Forget reads Refuse: CanLit in Ruins.

Oppressive Calm

Peace, Order and Good Government defines Canadian society, but not in the way that you think.

End of Story

Canadians need to talk about sexual assault, H.G.Watson writes—but they’re getting sued for it.

Matters of the Heart

Generations of people born with heart defects have lived longer than doctors were ready for.

Photos Worth a Thousand Houses

Vancouver photography rises and falls with Vancouver real estate—for better and worse.


New fiction from jia qing wilson-yang.

Mutton Curry

New fiction from Sharon Bala.

Off the Rails

Who bought all those Canada 150 train passes? Kate Black spent a week finding out.

O Ye of Little Faith

When you grow up a missionary, what happens if you stop believing?

After Roxham Road

Thousands of asylum seekers arrived in Quebec last year. Heather Robb investigates what happened to them after the flashbulbs died down.
Blog Posts

The Postscript: Darryl Leroux speaks to Zoe Todd about researching race-shifting

In his Fall 2018 story "Self-made métis," Darryl Leroux searched for the roots of a growing group in Quebec: tens of thousands of people who ...

The Postscript: Ethan Lou on tunnelling into Trans Mountain

In his Fall 2018 feature on the Trans Mountain pipeline battle, Ethan Lou chronicled behind-the-scenes tactics of governments and activists. Much of his information came ...

A Mountain Too High

History lessons weren't enough to overcome the government's pipeline hurdles.

Face to Face

An excerpt from Twin Studies, a novel.

For Whom the Bells Toll

A historic French-Canadian church in Massachusetts meets its end.


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