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The Spring 2021 Book Room

Spring reads from Selina Boan, Cheryl Thompson, Carrie Jenkins and others

Building the Hive

Erin James-Abra always knew she wanted a family. She just couldn’t predict what shape it would take.

The Spring 2021 Music Room

New music from The Weather Station, mara wild, Yu Su, and Kae Sun

Real Talk

Therapy is supposed to be a space for healing. And yet, years of seeing white therapists only brought Minelle Mahtani more pain.

Genetic Mapping

DNA tests promise to tell people who they are and where they’re from. But for Emma Gilchrist, a search for answers only led to more questions.

A Strong Family Resemblance

Late in his life, Anna Leventhal ’s father found a hidden side of his family—and of himself.

Generational Wisdom

In the Western imagination, growing old often means retreating from life. Furqan Mohamed was raised to know otherwise.

Object Lessons

After our loved ones die, we’re left to deal with their belongings. As Nikki Reimer explains, sorting through grief is no small task.


Writing from Quebec. Translated by Madeleine Stratford.
Blog Posts

Poly Styrene: I am a Cliché

An interview with filmmaker and writer Celeste Bell.

Detransition, Baby

Torrey Peters' new novel shows us a trans community that is neurotic, loving, protective, mean and melodramatic.

Two weeks after the Wuhan lockdown, leaving China in the wake of plague

In those early days in China, I had no idea the sheer heights to which events would escalate, but looking back, that initial chaos I experienced sure was a good premonition.

In the Stars

Keah Hansen charts the uncertain future of astrology.

A Guide to Problematic Monuments in Montreal

From Macdonald to Maisonneuve, colonial monuments dominate the city's public spaces.


Intern at Maisonneuve - Summer-Fall 2021

June 4, 2021

Calling all keeners: Maisonneuve is now accepting applications for part-time research interns. We’re looking for enthusiastic, self-motivated candidates who have a passion for magazines ...

Maisonneuve Nominated for Five National Magazine Awards

May 13, 2021

Maisonneuve is proud to announce that we're up for five nominations at this year's National Magazine Awards!Our nominations include:Best Emerging WriterRyan ...

Our Spring 2021 Issue

March 12, 2021

On newsstands March 19.

Introducing new Editor-in-Chief Madi Haslam

Dec. 18, 2020

Maisonneuve is thrilled to introduce its new Editor-in-Chief. Madi Haslam will be taking over as of December; her first issue will be Spring 2021, on ...