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Right Of Way

Urban planners have long known how to keep pedestrians safe on our streets, Lana Hall reports. Canadian cities are letting them die anyway.

The Winter 2022 Book Room

Reviews of new work by Délani Valin, Bridget Canning, Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, Jessica Johns, Anne-Marie Saint-Cerny and Christian Quesnel.

Buying into Belonging

Asian supermarkets have become a one-stop shop for cultural identity. Katia Lo Innes wonders if consumerism comes at the cost of community.

An Ugly, Sweet Thing

Abandoning the desire to make a perfect cake, Chantal Braganza finds meaning in the mess.

Pulut Hitam (Black Rice Pudding)

From her nenek's kitchen, Sofia Osborne shares a recipe for holding her grandmother close.

Where Are the Filipino Restaurants?

In a country with countless culinary options, Jadine Ngan asks why it's so hard to find food from the Philippines.

Vanity Fair

It’s not easy being hot and serving ice cream waffle sandwiches at the Ex, Alexandra Kimball knows—but someone has to do it.

Reap What You Sow

Right-wing populism is on the rise in some Canadian farming communities, reports Sophie Kuijper Dickson. Will it put our food systems at risk?

Saving Seeds

As climate change threatens global food security, Ruth Kamnitzer explains how seeds of the past are safeguarding food for the future.
Blog Posts

That's Camp

Considering the absurdity of corporate pride Twitter.

What We Both Know

An interview with author Fawn Parker.

The Good Arabs

An interview with author Eli Tareq El Bechelany-Lynch.

When Shit Hits the Facebook Group

On the chaos of scrolling through online neighbourhood groups.


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