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Santropol Roulant's Iron Chef Cook-Off


For some inexplicable reason, I've been asked to guest-judge at Santropol Roulant's Iron Chef Cook-Off this Thursday, September 2. I like to eat food, and I think I'm pretty good at it, so maybe that means I'm some kind of expert.

In any event, you should come too, if you happen to be in Montreal. Santropol Roulant, in case you aren't familiar with it, is a wonderful organization that, among other worthy endeavours, runs a meals-on-wheels service, a bike-repair cooperative and a vegetable garden at McGill University. The bike co-op more or less saved my twelve-speed last summer, and I count many friends among Santropol Roulant's workers and volunteers. All in all, this is a group worth supporting.

The Iron Chef Cook-Off is a fundraiser that pits several great local restaurants against each other in good-humoured competition. With only a few basic tools and ingredients available-knife, cutting board, oil, salt and pepper, one grain and one special ingredient-each restaurant must prepare a meal using vegetables from Santropol's Edible Campus garden, with the winner selected by the panel of, uh, esteemed judges. The event is free (it will take place right in the McGill campus garden), beer and food is cheap, and the mighty Pat Jordache will supply late-summer jams. Please do come and watch me eat.

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