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Briefly Noted


Mention Sir Isaac Newton to the average reader and they’re liable to stifle a yawn. Boring, some will say. Too abstruse, others will respond. What does abstruse mean? everyone else will ask. How then to make Newton’s remarkable theories palatable to the public? The answer: Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy: Mega 3-D Pop-Up Book!

At last the thrilling adventure of Newton’s mathematical reasoning in a mega 3-D format. Each double page has a large intricate pop-up with two to five lift-flaps. Marvel as Newton’s theory of rectilinear ascent literally jumps right off the page. Enjoy the master’s theory of the resistance of funependulous bodies in big-impact, brightly colored illustrated scenes. Whether you’re a professional mathematician, or just easily dazzled by corrugated cardboard, Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy is guaranteed to be a cherished addition to your library. Bound in Wipe-Clean hardcover for children of all ages.