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Sun, Samba and Bullets

Headlines pulled from Brazil's main dailies

Headlines published within a two-month span (March and April 2003) in the Jornal da Tarde, one of São Paulo, Brazil’s main dailies. Compiled and translated by Alexandra Forbes.

Anonymous gunman does “justice” and disappears

3,000 Army soldiers to patrol Rio streets during Carnival

Judge executed in Espírito Santo

In São Paulo, 20 homicides in just 12 hours

Judge’s assassin may have been assassinated

Twenty minutes of gunfire. And the suburbs become another Iraq.

President Lula: “We will win this war”

Small farm was cover for cocaine-refining plant

Army artillery found in Beira-Mar slum

Four hostages in new prison mutiny

Pregnant woman is shot during gunfire exchange on the expressway

Priest held hostage by three thieves after Mass

In the luggage, 4,000 endangered animals

Woman seven months pregnant executed, baby survives

[TV anchorwoman] Glória Maria escapes unscathed from robbery. The weapon: a rat.

Chopped-up body found in the Billings dam

Federal police: “We will hit criminals where it hurts: the pocketbook”

Policeman shoots himself in front of the Palace

Criminals hold 50 hostages in office building

[State governor] Alckmin receives threats from organized crime

Government wants to organize a movement against violence

Drug traffickers order businesses in Tijuca neighbourhood to close

Truck holding twenty-one tons of stolen dynamite parades through São Paulo

Killed by a cop. For being shirtless.

PCC mob already controls 90% of São Paulo’s prison inmates

Drug traffickers threaten to rescue boss from prison

Widow returns to the crime scene. And she cries.