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Infinite Kung Fu

Comic scenesters are raving

 Witness the pain as pitiless pugilists punish people with martial movements made to mangle and mash!” So reads the tag line on the cover of the second issue of Infinite Kung Fu, a comic series by Toronto’s Kagan McLeod that has comic scenesters raving. Infinite Kung Fu journeys to a future world that has rejected all forms of technology, where cursed souls wander the earth searching for worthy bodies to inhabit and survival depends upon martial skill and spiritual enlightenment. We’re talking zombies, a bell-bottomed babe whose gun goes “BLAO” and, of course, kung fu.

Turns out McLeod, a self-described “white guy from Canada,” has never actually practiced any martial arts or been to the Far East. He’s long been fascinated by martial arts movies, though. (Some of his favourite films are The Thirty-Sixth Chamber of Shaolin, Masked Avengers and Eight Diagram Pole Fighter.) “It was so different from anything I grew up with from this side of the world that I just became obsessed with it. I mean, the idea of harnessing your inner strength to knock a tree down with your bare hands—that’s just amazing! Opening and closing pressure points to immobilize various limbs of your opponents? Amazing! Plus, my drawing style is very fluid and shows movement, so kung fu is the perfect stage to showcase that.”

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