Register Wednesday | June 19 | 2019

The Prime Minister asks the Governor-General for something or other in less than 24 hours

"What would happen if the Governor-General said no?"

Dear Diary,

Quick entry because I'm tired.

What would happen if the Governor-General said "No" to Paul Martin when he asked her to disolve Parliament? Would he get his goons after her? Would he take away her big-hat-budget? Would he hog-tie her and read John Ralston Saul's "philosophy" to her until she said uncle? It's happened before, we've all learned about the King-Byng affair. But this one could be better because of the advent of TV and the Internet, and night-vision-equipped cable channels.


And to Alan M. Dershowitz, thanks for the post the other day. Alan, would you like to watch a night-vision steel cage match starring the above-mentioned participants? I know I would. The spin-offs would be endless. (Although most of them would take the form of one of those "A Part of Our Heritage" commercials. But you know what? I'm alright with that.)