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Gmail Insanity

You Say You'd Do Anything for a Klondike

So by now you probably already know about Gmail, the forthcoming email service from the crew that brought you Google. In short, Gmail is going to be a better version of Hotmail and all those other free email services. Gmail features include 1000 megs (1 gigabyte) of storage, no pop-up or banner ads, "sophisticated" spam filters, and, it seems for now, exclusivity.

Gmail is just beginning it's Beta run and each employee is being offered a few accounts to pass out to friends and family. Why, might you ask, is it important to get in early? There are a few reasons. First, to say you were in early, second, because your Hotmail account fills up on a daily basis and you don't want to pay $20/month for more space, and finally, because you'd rather have the addy [email protected], rather than [email protected] Reputedly, and most tantalyzingly, [email protected] and [email protected] are still available.

Want an account but aren't an insider? The answer, it seems, is GmailSwap. GmailSwap encourages those who are looking for a Gmail account to post a item/service that they'd offer in exchange for a place as a Beta tester. Google/Gmail employees can then handpick the strangers whom they'd like to deign with an invite, in exchange for whatever that poster is offering. GmailSwap has posted a list of the most innovative swaps. Highlights include: a college party in your honor at the University of Maryland; a tour of Rwanda to see gorillas (IP address suggests the guy actually is from Rwanda); every issue of the now-defunct Star Trek Magazine; parking karma; the wisdom of a 98 year-old man; and finally, a reference on your resume.

No way you're ever getting an AmEx Black Card? Can't get pass the ropes at Bungalow 8 or Lot 61? One up PDiddy and swipe [email protected]