Register Wednesday | June 26 | 2019

A Turning Point in the Campaign?

"Looks like the Conservatives are going to shoot themselves in the foot (again)."

Dear Diary,

Looks like the Conservatives are going to shoot themselves in the foot (again).
After such gems as their wish to reinstate capital punishment, and their pro-life stance, the Cons will be announcing that they want to open up the airwaves to foreign-owned television and sattelite media companies. Great make way for CNN Canada. The 24-hour, all-Canadian, sensationalized news. (Sidebar: could you imagine? "The Governor General is sporting a new hat! We're live at the hat shop that made this eye-sore! We'll be bringing you continuous live coverage of the wall from which the hat was purchased! Back to the newsroom for some comentary by hat experts!)
The NDP is already all over this story (about the Conservatives' policy position, not the hat thing). And the Liberals see this as a chance to gain some ground (some badly needed ground).
When you think about it, though, it makes sense. Give Canadians the opportunity to watch more TV and watch waistlines grow. Watch productivity go into the toilet, and watch people become more apathetic about politics. What better way to gain closer ties with our American neighbours. But hey, at least Canadians will have the opportunity to watch reruns of Martha Stewart around the clock. And the Conservatives think that that "is a good thing".