Register Wednesday | June 19 | 2019

Election Fever

Illness and Politics

Dear Diary,

My 103 degree fever broke today. For the last two days - thanks to my sub-par immune system - I was in some sort of mystical wonderland, where everything was going in slow motion. The campaign felt like it would take months to conclude. Of course this feeling filled me with apprehension and anxiety, which in turn caused me nothing but more physical and mental pain.
Thankfully, the election fever has subsided. When I walked back into the office this morning everything was in its right place. Workers were acting like their usual selves, and I was employing the usual avoidance strategies; walk away while they are in mid-sentence.
But it got me thinking, why don't we have a more American style system of campaigning, where millions of dollars are spent on every campaign? In this way, we get the best of the best. And, more importantly, as I am not one of the "best", I could spend my time not working on campaigns. Instead I could be working a job that paid well, and was covered by statutes regarding normal work hours. I would also be less likely to eat poorly, which would cause me less fevers. Less fevers would mean less campaign anxiety, which would mean a longer life.
Moral of the story: campaigns kill.