Register Thursday | July 2 | 2020

The Thing About Zombies

Also, blackouts

<p>Saw a good zombie movie this morning: Shaun of the Dead, it's called. Some British TV people made it. It's a comedy about a slacker who gets jolted out of his rut when zombies invade London.</p>
<p>I've seen about six zombie movies in the past year, which seems like a lot somehow. Maybe I'm just seeing more of them because I'm the only one at NOW who can stand them. But I think there might actually be more zombie movies in the world of late.</p>
<p>I'm guessing that it has something to do with post-millenial letdown. That 'why hasn't society collapsed yet?' feeling. Why aren't we all living in bunkers? They told me there would be bunkers!</p>
<p>The front page of the Toronto Sun today was hilarious. It was all black, with a caption that said 'It Could Happen Again'.</p>
<p>If only. The blackout was beautiful. The Ugly Bug Band had a gig and the club was closed, so we played under the marquee of the Royal Cinema instead. A girl who lived up the street brought us a box of little votive candles, and we set them up like footlights. It was dark and quiet, and everything on College Street seemed smaller and closer together. I really do wish we'd have another. Maybe we could all plug in air conditioners at the same time one day next weekend, huh?</p>
<p>The other thing I think about zombies, and maybe this is obvious: they have to do with the absence of God.</p>