Register Saturday | December 7 | 2019

The Wading Planner?

I called my agent’s office this morning to make sure she got the new draft of my script. Turns out she is stuck in Florida, due to Hurricane Jeanne. She went there for a wedding. I’m not sure who decides to have a wedding in the midst of back to back to back to back hurricanes, but I suppose if that couple can manage to get married despite high speed winds and torrential rain and flooding, that’s a wedding that has a chance at lasting. Maybe the invite said “You are invited to a wading”, not a wedding. My agent’s assistant and I joked about that for some time (she always seems to have time to chat, which is nice, but makes me wonder why she isn’t more busy…) and eventually I figured out that though the office had received the script, it did not travel with her to Florida. Instead it is sitting on her desk in New York and will have to wait. It will be awhile before I hear her feedback.

A few of my other “feedbackers” have responded though, and I was pleased to hear a lot of positive comments from them. Naturally, there is plenty of work to be done, but it’s nice to hear you are on the right track. I just wish I had finished this latest draft BEFORE going away all summer, because the movie is set at the Holidays and if I had a few more months maybe, just maybe, I could have shot something before the end of the year. It would have been a challenge all the same, but I’m getting impatient and don’t want this script to drag on and on and then read one day in the trades that someone else has written something with a similar premise and sold it for half a million dollars or something and it’s starring Ashton Kutcher. So I need to do it soon.

In other news, I decided to make some major life changes and move out of my shoebox size apartment. Instead, I’ll be moving into a much more spacious two bedroom condo nearby with… a roommate. I haven’t lived with anyone else in about five years and I have to admit I loved living alone, especially after all the insane guys I shared apartments with in New York. But I decided that a roommate would be a refreshing change and would give me a chance to live in a more comfortable place for about the same amount of money. This place was starting to make me crazy. When I first moved in, I assumed I would only live here one or two years, but now it’s been almost three and that’s more than enough. So next month I’ll be in a new place that has balconies and a washer dryer, and I’m already fantasizing about sitting outside on my balcony with my laptop as my gym clothes tumble on permanent press. I dare to dream.