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Seven Deadly Sins

Annonymous confessions from

PRIDE (6/11/03)
I think I’m really smart, at least, smarter then the people I know…  when my girlfriend talks, I usually dont pay attention because she’s dumb and I know more anyway

ENVY (17/8/04)
I am jealous of my best friend and her curly hair and nice complexion, I hate that all the guys think she sweet even though we have the same character, I hate that they approach me to chat to her. I love her and she is my best friend but I love her ugly days alot more.

GLUTTONY (2/6/03)
Sometimes I will eat a banana that’s about to turn brown just so it won’t go to waste. Even when I’m not very hungry. I should be on death row.

ENVY (29/3/04)
I’m jealous of everyone who has someone to hold them.

SLOTH (8/4/04)
I buy plants, because i want a garden, than i’m to lazy to put them in the ground. I’ve killed about 80 or more plants.

GREED (17/1/04)
We have this whole thing planned out. First, my crazy grandmother dies, because if my grandfather died first, my uncle would take all of the money, drain it out of the family, and we would never see a cent. So, she has to die first. Then, after she’s gone, soon enough my grandfather dies. He leaves us a decent sum [he wants to feel as if he’s been a good father, which he hasn’t]. After he leaves us a decent sum, my uncle should die RIGHT away, as in an hour later. Then, he never gets to enjoy the death money from my asshole grandfather. To tell you the truth, the uncle could die anytime, preferrably soon as possible… I hate him anyway. My grandma has been sleeping 21 hours of the day lately, and keeps forgetting what day it is, what she’s doing here, etc. She’s basically gone mental. I’d say that we’re well on our way:)

GLUTTONY (1/8/04)
I once ate an entire birthday cake and blamed it on the dog.

LUST (4/12/02)
Well, my boyfriend is supposed to move to a different city for me. I live in the city he is moving to and we have been apart for 8 months. I sleep with a new guy every week and don’t tell him. He is moving here to marry me.

GREED (22/1/01)
I robbed a restaurant that two of my friends worked at. I felt bad for what I did, but have since come to terms with it.

ANGER (4/8/04)
I still hate a girl from the first grade. I hope she is dead.

PRIDE (27/5/04)
I am so good in bed.