Register Saturday | December 7 | 2019


I couldn’t blog yesterday. I was too depressed and knew that if I tried, I would only start ranting about all that is wrong with America. All I will say is: to those of you out there in the rest of the world, I am very sorry. Millions of Americans on Tuesday chose their president based on fear and religion, not reason, and the consequences of their choice, measured in MORE deficits, dead GIs and damaged alliances, will be felt for many years to come. Osama Bin Laden must be dancing in his cave. A sad day. (For those of you who disagree, feel free to write back, but just know that I am not going to indulge in any big e-debates with anybody. The election is over and we all need a break). Enough about that. Last night, feeling the need to laugh, I went and checked out “Team America,” the new puppet movie from Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the “South Park” guys. While the movie is not nearly as brilliant as the “South Park” film, it does have some hilarious moments, including the funniest sex scene I have ever seen (yes, the puppets, like most action figures, have no genitalia). And there are some very funny songs, including one love ballad about how the movie “Pearl Harbor” sucked. And the main song, “America, Fuck Yeah!” which plays over hilarious footage of Team America blasting away the world’s landmarks in pursuit of terrorism. And of course, Parker and Stone manage to end the film on a note that is both funny and intelligent (much like their TV show), explaining that the world is only made up of three types of people: dicks, pussies and assholes. (Warmongers, liberals, and terrorists, respectively). See the movie and it will all make sense.