Register Wednesday | December 11 | 2019

Raining, Pouring...

Forgot to blog!

I just checked the Maisonneuve site and it seems that my last blog was March 22. What happened?! I hate to say this, but after two months of near-stagnation, I got busy and... FORGOT TO BLOG. Hard to believe, but yes, it's true. (By the way, to the nice person who wrote a comment on my last blog, THANK YOU!)

Oh, there is so much to tell you, dear reader. First off, you know that expression/cliché/saying "When it rains, it pours?" That seems to be a theme in my life, and this past month has been, if not a monsoon, at the very least a serious downpour. After two months of wondering what the hell was going on (no one returning emails or phone calls, no jobs coming my way, etc.) all of a sudden my life came back. It started with this corporate video that I had been trying to finish for months. I had been waiting for feedback and finally it came, which meant I could actually get back to work. Then the phone started ringing. An executive-friend I had lost touch with called out of the blue, wanting to know what I was working on. A fairly well-known director, who I had done some consulting with on a feature almost two years ago (and who would never call me back or respond to my emails) called, frantic, wanting some help on a pitch, ASAP. I put aside my minor annoyances at her lack of communication over the past year and took the job. Then there was the fundraising for the feature, with suddenly serious leads and meetings popping up all over the place; suddenly, everyone wanted to know about my feature film and how they can help.

Weird, huh? (I know that happens to all of us, but how can it be explained? Astrology?)

And that's just in the day. By night, my social calendar, which had been eerily quiet for several weeks, suddenly filled up. I went to a party at the home of a BIG TIME SCREENWRITER, who lives in a mansion, by himself, and throws big parties from time to time. He even has a "nightclub" on the top floor of his house, which includes a bar, a dance floor, a dozen couches, a giant screen (showing Britney Spears videos, of all things) and a small diner decorated in white, black and red. Truly bizarre. I spent most of the time wandering around the house, while people came and went, and the screenwriter made idle chit chat with various hot women. I watched him for awhile, though, and decided that his existence, while perhaps fun for a brief amount of time, was a little empty and sad. (Not that mine is so much better, mind you...) But there was something about being so damn rich and yet so alone that made me less envious of his success than I expected.

Another night was spent at a big art gallery party for a book on porn stars, complete with a red carpet, free drinks and a lot of silicone. The place was packed with people, pushing through the gallery, spilling drinks while examining huge portraits of porn stars with their clothes on and then... their clothes OFF. What a revolutionary idea, huh? Apparently, some people thought so, as they were buying up copies of the book and getting it autographed. The book apparently includes essays on porn by notables like Gore Vidal. To me, porn is not the kind of thing that needs to be discussed or intellectualized. It's just people having sex and either it turns you on or it doesn't. Oliver Stone and Owen Wilson were the big celebrities there, though I couldn't help but wishing that some true porn legends had been there instead, like the slimy Ron Jeremy. I guess I just wanted the party to be less arty and more sleazy. Walking around, with a date no less, amongst photos of fake breasts and enormous penises, also made me want to drink heavily, so I did. Fortunately, my date did too.

I also went to a big networking event in Hollywood, where ten people were selected to present their upcoming film projects to an audience of a few hundred. I was one of them. When it was my turn, I got on stage, where the MC had repeatedly mispronounced my name, and told the people about my film. The crowd seemed to dig it, thank god, and it even crossed my mind at the time that maybe I need to get into stand-up comedy. It was a fleeting thought, though. I had gone up there to tell people I was looking for producers, casting directors, and a great line producer, and afterwards a lot of people came up to talk to me. Everyone was very supportive of the project, which felt good, though the majority of them were actors who wanted to send me their headshot or hand me a business card with their photo on it. That's Los Angeles for you. I can't blame them one bit though; if I were in their shoes I'd be doing the exact same thing.

Now it's Monday. I'm at my desk. The phone has been quiet. I am blogging. I hope this is not a sign that the whirlwind of the past few weeks has come and gone. Could it be the rain has slowed? Are we looking at a drizzle? I sure hope not.