Register Thursday | June 20 | 2019

Not Saying “Goodbye,”

Just “So Long.”

Hi there, nerds and nerdettes and miscellaneous. We're going on vacation! Well, not really a vacation, more like a working sabbatical--a little breather while we devote some time to other projects. We've got all sorts of great things planned for our return, though: a love letter to the hypnotic anime Haibane Renmei, a look at Star Wars: Episode III, a second visit to the Kingdom of Loathing and, if the gods smile widely upon us, a review of the "Revision D" PowerBook G4.

In the meantime, here's some stuff you might want to click on.

The Internet's bus station, spooj-and-cigarette-butt-encrusted floor and all, organized as a blog with a prodigiously large author base. From that idiotic "Babies Throw Cat" video that your sister sent you to inane quizzes that will reveal your true self, the Net's tragically ludicrous gems eventually end up on Metafilter. People post links, and then other people argue about them in the comments. Brilliant for days when you're too lazy to figure out how you want to waste your employer's bandwidth.

Chocolate and Zucchini
Good food! Good links!

Waiter Rant
I feel an immense amount of respect for the author of this journal-not that I know him personally.

Go Fug Yourself
With this link, we argue that celebrities are no longer the straightforward entertainers that the industry suggests they are. Rather, they exist to be Fugged. The pieces written "in character" are particularly delightful; they've captured the personalities of Brit and K-Fed as no other celeb news source could. Among other flights of cruel fancy, the authors of the site have Mischa Barton acting as aspiring stylist to other pointless starlets and find evidence of her crazy touch in many a Fugged outfit. The author bios, also, are not to be missed.

Craigslist rants & raves, NY and Toronto
The other cities' rants are pretty funny too, but not as funny as these. A bunch of pompous fatheads yelling at each other. Duh-lish!

The funniest LiveJournal there is.

Dinosaur Comics
A hilarious Webcomic about the adventures of an enthusiastic and naive T-Rex and his dinosaur buddies. Features the best material about computational linguistics that you're likely to find coming out of a dinosaur's mouth on the Internet.

Up-to-the-minute gaming news. The antithesis of news you can use.

Zoo Keeper
Addictive as all get out, this is the flash version of the Nintendo DS puzzle of the same name. The editor of this column passed the link on to us, and then watched in horror as all our columns were thereafter delivered a week late. Personally, I think he should have known better. Cute design, funny music, and it's even got a bit of depth to it.

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