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A Brief Suspension of Dance

Look for next week's column

I had high hopes to make several performances last week, but unfortunately, I was able to make only one. Sadly, I was obligated to attend a funeral in the U.S. Next week, look for in my column, "The Dance Scene," reviews of the James Kudelka/Coleman Lemieux & Compagnie program and David Pressault's Lost Pigeons.

Feb. 1, 2006 update:

The lovely Moira Shearer of The Red Shoes fame has passed away. See this article from the Scotsman. As I noted in my previous blog, I had ordered the new DVD of The Tales of Hoffmann in which Shearer also starred. My daughter and I received our copy last week and thrilled to her beautiful and clean pointework in choreography by Sir Frederick Ashton. It's a must-see. Her film appearances inspired not a few to take up dance as a profession. Thank you Moira Shearer. May you rest in peace.