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A Lazy Sunday for Scott, but not for Klassen!

More news from the Olympics

Well, they don't call them Americans for nothing! Sorry for the delay today, folks. Had a little trouble getting started after my "guests" showed me a thing or two about drinkin', last night. They more than made up for bein' nancies on the hunt with their performance at the bar.

So, anyway, I did manage to catch Beckie Scott's ski race when we got home, though I can't say I remember much of it, other than that she didn't win. All that trouble, hidin' out, refusin' to carry the flag, and what does it get her? Sixth place! Not so shabby, really, but with all the talk about her winning the gold medal, it's a bit of a disappointment, eh?

Cindy Klassen, now, that's another story. She never said nothin', just "I'm going to do my best," never promised anything, and look: she gets a bronze medal. Afterwards she said: "I went for it." What else can you do, really? There's something to be said for humility. Especially after a night like I had last night...

The women's hockey team beat Russia 12-0. 12-0! What a joke. The Russians! What got to me was the announcer getting on the Canadian defence for "lapses." They were winnin' 12-0 for crying out loud. They're just trying to finish the game without getting hurt. I hear that the Americans (God bless 'em if their women can play hockey like their men can drink!) are going to be the main challenge for Canada. I'm starting to come around to this women playing hockey thing. It could be exciting. That said, I'm not sure why the refs need to be women, too. If, like they say, Canada and America are the only two countries where the women are any good, how do they figure a woman ref from Great Britain (who don't even have a team!) can do the job? Are the figure skating judges (God bless them, ha!) all women? I don't know, but I don't think they are. Why not have a male ref? Some of the coaches are male. Get the best people in there.

Wow, the short track speed skating men's 1500m semi-final is intense. A Canadian qualified for the final. It's bloody stressful! They are just going around and around and around. It all seems very close. The Canadian women qualified in the 3000m relay as well. Funny relay: when they come around to pass off, there's no baton! They just give a shove on the old derry-air! Around and around they go! I'm kind of dizzy.

That's all I can manage for today. I'm going to take two and call it an afternoon.

See you all soon,

Donald S. Thompson