Register Tuesday | June 18 | 2019

Swedish berries and bobsled beauties

Is Sweden going to throw the game?

So, apparently the Swedish men's hockey coach is considering throwing his game today against Slovakia. I wonder if they'll even need to throw it? I mean, that sort of assumes that they could win if they tried, right? Slovakia beat Russia, and Russia beat Sweden 5-0. That's a bit arrogant, ain't it?

Even more arrogant is that the reason why they would want to throw the game is so that they could play the Swiss, instead of Canada or the Czech Republic. Actually, that's more stupid, than arrogant. The Swiss have a hot goalie-Canada and the Czechs can't score. Plus if you go around saying you want to play a team because they're not so good, well, that's just gonna get them all the more ready to beat your ass, right?

Besides, from what I can figure, I don't know how that Swedish coach can know who he's gonna play anyway. It depends on whether Russia wins, and who wins between Canada and Czech.

Funny that Wayne Gretzky was getting into so much trouble before about his wife betting. I wonder if the Swedish coach will get into as much trouble for saying he was going to try to lose. Geez. Maybe this is why they shouldn't have professionals in the Olympics. They are too concerned with winning and losing, and not enough with playing the game.

Anyway, more important things: good for the Canadian women's hockey team who won the gold medal yesterday. It didn't seem like that Swedish goalie was so good yesterday.

Yesterday also was the first two runs for the women's bobsled. Let me tell you, those girls are fast. The Canadians were fourth after two runs, but that's not a bad place to be (or a bad place to end up, as I said yesterday). All it takes is one super-fast run, and Helen Upperton and Heather Moyse have got that in them. Did you know they are both triple jumpers? That's right, they did the hop, skip, jump in school. Moyse also played rugby and soccer. We're talking about some girls with some big, strong legs here. And do you know how heavy those sleds are? Pretty darned heavy, I'll tell ya. It's not the sort of thing I would normally call "women's work," but these girls are tough.

Thank goodness for the bob and the Swedish coach, 'cause I'm starting to get tired of this Olympic thing. Why are they still cross-country skiing? And ski jumping? And figure skating? It's all getting to be too much for an old guy.

Well, it's looking like it's going to be a good day for Prince Edward Island: that's where Heather Moyse is from, and that's where Brad Richards is from, who just scored a goal for Canada's men's hockey team. First time they've scored in more than two games. I'm gonna go watch. I'll keep you posted on the bob, too!