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Your Pop Quiz! Results

Are you a Calgarian or Montrealer at heart?

If you chose mostly As, then you'll probably enjoy living in Calgary.

If you chose mostly Bs, then you'll probably enjoy living in Montreal.

Scoring Guide

Eighteenth century diplomat, John Adams once wrote: "Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence." If the results of your quiz are a bit surprising, read on to find out why.

Question 1

According to Environment Canada, the weather in Montreal is quintessentially Canadian. The city has more weather indicators clustered around the average than any other Canadian city, which means you can experience every type of weather in equal measure simply by choosing to live in Montreal. Calgary in contrast can only boast about two metrics; it has the sunniest winter and the sunniest number of days year-round.

Question 2

If access to green space in your hometown matters to you, you'll probably be happiest in Calgary. The city boasts 6,375 hectares of parks and open lands, while Montreal only offers up 1,368 hectares for its citizens. However, Montreal has launched an action plan to stop the loss of natural habitat through its Policy on the Protection and Enhancement of Natural Habitat.

Question 3

If you are gunning for a position with one of the top employers in the country, choose Montreal. Of the 50 largest employers in Canada, 17 are based in the greater Montreal area, representing 559,187 jobs. In contrast, Calgary has only two top employers, representing 26,846 jobs.

Question 4

The diversity of languages, races and religions is higher in Calgary than in Montreal. Calgary's allophone population accounts for 20.1 per cent of Calgary's population, but Montreal's is right behind at 19.7 per cent. However, the gap widens considerably when race and religion are added to the mix. Calgary's visible minority population represents 18 per cent of the population while Montreal's totals 14 per cent. Calgary also has the greatest religious diversity with no religion representing more than 26 per cent of the population. In contrast a full 75 per cent of Montrealers define themselves as Catholic. There are also a significantly larger number of Calgarians who claim no religious affiliation at 25 per cent compared to the 8 per cent of Montrealers who would say the same thing.

Question 5

Calgary's commitment to green power is the largest in North America - that's right, the continent. The city has negotiated a long-term agreement to have 75 per cent of its power use supplied by green sources. As a result of the agreement a new wind farm to support the supply is under construction in southern Alberta. In addition, the city is aiming to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 50 per cent below 1990 levels over the next six years. In contrast, Montreal developed its first sustainability plan in 2006 and has announced a commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30 per cent below 1990 levels over the next 14 years.

Question 6

Montreal is the place to be if you are a sports fan. When it comes to hockey, you'll find equally strong records among the hometown teams in Calgary and Montreal during the past five seasons. Looking back the Habs finished ahead of the Flames twice and the Flames outranked the Habs twice. (Nobody did anything during the 2004-2005 lock out.) However, if you are football fan, the picture shifts. Hands down, Montreal is the place to be for football. The Alouettes have finished near the top of the league in three of the past five seasons, with the Stampeders rank near the bottom in almost all, but the 2005 season.

Question 7

Voting outside the mainstream depends on what the majority of people around you are doing. If voting Conservative in Calgary is the 'done thing' and voting Bloc or Liberal is the equivalent in Montreal, you'll find a higher percentage of the population operating outside those norms in Calgary. During the 2006 election, 36 per cent of Calgarians did not vote Conservative; while 31 per cent of Montrealers did not vote Bloc or Liberal. In addition, you'll find 19 per cent of the Calgary population supporting either the Green Party or NDP compared with only 15 per cent who voted for those parties in Montreal.

Question 8

Researchers have discovered that a sense of belonging to the local community is an important factor in how you feel about your personal health. And how you feel about your health has proven to be important in how healthy you are. The point? Only 53 per cent of Montrealers reported a very strong or somewhat strong sense of belonging in their community, compared to 59 per cent of Calgarians.

Question 9

Montrealers are a little more laid back about life, reporting lower overall levels of stress than Calgarians. While Montrealers are less likely to report feeling stressed, it seems that when stress does hit --Montrealers feel it more acutely. Montrealers have a higher percentage of the population reporting that they have quite a lot of stress at 27 per cent. Only 20 per cent of Calgarians reports having quite a lot of stress; however, only 9 per cent of Calgarians report that stress is not at all a factor for them. A full 12 per cent of Montrealers would say the same thing, which makes a larger number of Montrealers stress free.

Question 10

It seems that for non-traditional working arrangements the place to be is Calgary. At 18 per cent, the proportion of Calgarians who report working from home or at no fixed workplace address is higher than the 12 per cent of Montrealers who say they enjoy the same type of arrangements.