Register Saturday | June 15 | 2019

How Slow Can You Go?

Jenna Marie Wakani—freelance photojournalist and Maisonneuve’s very own photo editor—is used to getting things done in a hurry. However, her latest exhibition of  “slow time photography” embraces a change of pace.

The images on display in “Afterwards,” Wakani’s current show at Galerie Mile-End, reveal the passage of time through prolonged exposure. The technique of prolonged exposure lends both a rich texture and a dream-like quality to the photos. In the moments that pass between opening and closing the shutter, light and colour qualities evolve. Actual elements in some shots—such as a woman photographed swimming underwater across a pool—may not end up where they started out. Within a single image, progression can be traced.

This new photographic collection is made up of disparate renderings of buildings, intimate rooms and individuals. A blue-grey, melancholic colour scheme unites the images. “I started with water and sky photographs,” says Wakani, “and as I continued, I adjusted all the images so that even the interior shots had a blue quality.”

Self-taught, Wakani began her career mainly shooting portraits on film. Recently, she decided to experiment with digital photography, which she discovered lends itself to flatter environmental images. “I’ve always worked in portraiture, where you feel you have to catch something quickly,” she says. “But I liked the idea of working with places and objects, and taking the time to catch them slowly.” Even in those photographs in the “Afterwards” series that feature human subjects, the emphasis is less on revealing personality than on using people as structures in the pictorial landscape.

Lower your pulse rate on a virtual tour of selected images from “Afterwards” in the media gallery above. Alternatively, check out Jenna Marie Wakani’s complete exhibition between January 19 and February 3 at Galerie Mile-End, 5345 Avenue du Parc. The vernissage is on Friday, January 19, between 7:00 and 9:00 p.m.