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Haiku Contest: We Have Winners!

Announcing the results of our "Spring in Your Step" haiku contest . . .

Throughout April, you delighted—and disgusted—us with musings about red shoes, tulips and defrosting dog poo . . . ah, the joys of spring.

Thanks for all entries into the Véhicule Press/Maisonneuve "Spring in Your Step" haiku contest. Our three winners (you can read their haikus below) will be receiving copies of Green City: People, Nature and Urban Places, by Mary Soderstrom and box sets of Maisonneuve Magazine.

Congratulations Nisa Malli, Neil Muscott and Scott Lucero!


lewd grass sucks on low
lying sprinklers. wet halos.
bijon frise showers.

(Nisa Malli)

after the sunset
cool shadows stretch between trees
one bird still chirping

(Neil Muscott)

the daffodils dance
like girls drunk on bottled beer
shimmying freely

(Scott Lucero)