Register Tuesday | June 18 | 2019

Waving From The Shore

Castaway Writing Contest winner Mimi Moriarty of Clarksville, New York writes a poem about the elderly as being castaway...

My son winks his way home
nebulous plans
a tattered road map there are rumors
encased in promises
enshrined in assurances he leaves messages - dateless
might be accompanied 
by a friend - nameless and these intentions 
bring a satisfaction
which stands alone We are his parents
we carry the documents
once we piloted the ship Now we are stranded
on a sandy beach
waving to ships that pass by The perforated history
of our parenthood
has been published in many volumes and this latest chapter
the one entitled “Waiting”
reads like a 19th Century novel but in our exile we discover a treasure
our children paddling 
toward our rescue.