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Mini-golfing with Ken Babstock

This is the first in a series of bimonthy poetry podcasts that attempts to reinvigorate the literary interview. Montreal poet Linda Besner’s method is simple: she not only speaks to poets about a specific poem but encourages them to act out — with all appropriate props and accoutrements — the subject of their poem. The results are funny, unpredictable, and always thought-provoking. We begin with Ken Babstock. Babstock was born in Newfoundland and grew up in the Ottawa Valley. He has published three collections of poetry, the most recent, Airstream Land Yacht (2006), won the Trillium Book Award, was shortlisted for the 2007 Canadian Griffin Poetry Prize, and was nominated for the 2006 Governor General's Award for poetry. He currently lives in Toronto, where he serves as poetry editor for Anansi press. The aerobically-motivated poetry conversation occurred in Ontario Place, a seasonal amusement park in Toronto. You can hear it here.   Table of Contents 0-0.45: The inherent nihilism of Ontario Place. 0.45-2.15: Ken Babstock reads "Scale Model" 2.15-4.26: Linda Besner and Babstock get in the game. 4.26-6.42: Stories Connected: narrativity and the existential import of the mini-niblick. 6.42-8.05: Allegories of the history of the species. Plus, Ken Babstock's God complex. 8.05-10.24: "The black box of immediacy" dissolves into some trippy sound art. 10.24-12.48: Schopenhauer at hole 7. Does death really solve anything? 12.48-14.36: Just feel it in your bones. Illusion, the self, and some cosmic hand-eye coordination--you do the math.