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Our Winter 2009 Cover

A More Perfect Union

He laughs at all of your jokes. You cheer each other on through every crazy scheme. In each major crisis, your best friend has helped you pick up the pieces and move on. And there have even been a few moments when something has crackled between you two. It’s clear: you’re falling in love. So what do you do with all of these feelings?

Art director Anna Minzhulina,  with the help of Montreal-based photographer Marc Rimmer, provides us with a cheeky interpretation of Les Horswill’s very serious thesis in “A More Perfect Union." Thanks to rising American protectionism and Homeland Securitization, over the last decade the US-Canada border has undergone a dramatic thickening. Horswill lays out an alternative: a federalism that would bring us into the American fold without sacrificing our individual political rights and internal diversity. Stymied by what has become longest indefensible idea in the world, argues Horswill, the smartest thing Canada can do is set aside its nationalism and work on something bigger.

But there are risks to a closer union, our cover seems to suggest. What happens the morning after?