Register Sunday | June 16 | 2019

This is Off the Record, Right?

A round-up of great Maisonneuve interviews you may have missed.

Margaret Atwood
“I once hitched from a New York freeway. Well, ‘hitched.’ More like rescued by the marines when the limousine blew up.”


Patrick Gregoire/James Irwin
“What always made this town a great place for music continues to exist. There is still an alienated, overeducated Anglophone underclass that has nothing to do with itself except fucking sit around singing in choirs on Tuesday nights and working minimum-wage jobs.”


Dave Bidini
“It was my way of sort of walking through the forest alone at night, you know? But surrounded by predators. That’s what my experience touring solo was like.”



Michael Cho

“When I got used to the freedom I just had to imagine what, in an ideal world, I’d like to see on [a book] cover.”



Merrill Garbus
“It’s not often that you hear about a woman doing an entire project on her own. There’s often an assumption that there’s someone behind her doing magical things.”



Jason Guriel
“I try to get down to the business of entertaining the reader as quickly as possible, with an eye on the exit. I certainly don’t want to overstay my welcome.”


Patricia Boushel
“I was lying in bed this morning thinking: What does one wear on the first day of the festival? One’s good clothes, I’m thinking, but I don’t really have any of those right now.



Les Horswill
“I’ve discovered that I’m not simply bored with Canadian politics but care more for what’s going on in Washington because it is, in fact, more important.”



Colin McAdam
“I had to try to find respect and complicity for the banality of the things you’d get excited about as an 18 year-old.”



David McGimpsey
“I approach America in my poetry, the way I approach America in real life: as a grateful tourist.”




Ryan McNutt
“I don’t believe that music – or any art – is live and let live. I don’t think that we should just listen to an album and say ‘that was nice,’ and then just not talk about it.”



Rabindranath Maharaj
“I felt that when historians and idlers looked back at our age, they would find it impossible to attach some meaningful label because everything had been so fleeting and transitory.”



Christopher Miller
“God knows the territory of artistic failure is vast enough for thousands of explorers to plant their white flags without anyone having to look at anyone else’s.”



Luc Montagnier
“Scientists are open to new ideas from time to time but not always. Because when they have found something they want to concentrate on that and keep it on that level. And that has happened with AIDS.”


Robert Moore

“Originality for me may simply consist in the artful rearrangement of the great already-said.”



George Murray
“I like the latte or cappuccino of a wandering, unhurried poem as much as the next guy, but what I wanted these aphorisms to be was the literary equivalent of a short espresso—high pressure thought forced through finely ground language.”

Sameer Singh
“At this [belly dancing] event in Egypt, there were probably four men and maybe nine hundred gorgeous women from around the world, but about halfway through my senses were completely dulled to it.”


Shannon Stewart
“Placing the humour next to the horror creates a shift the reader has to navigate.”



Zach Wells
“Making something easily accessible is rarely the same as making something people love.”