Register Saturday | July 13 | 2024
Two poems Photograph by Alexi Hobbs.

Two poems


Let’s right here,

right now, agree 

to never again 

speak of time.

And speaking of time,

unlike a sonnet, I hope 

to be a form that isn’t

too late for itself. My own, 

little Shazam 

that never fails 

to recommend you to me, 

is such a slim vial. 

Let’s really be alive now.

We can lie in bed 

and come up with interesting 

pamphlets on our failures.


At the worst of it,

and the best,

arousal tucks its knees 

behind our own. 

When I asked you,

for the duration 

of even a birthday candle,

to lie behind me,

it was come what may. 

Our hot rod bodies. 

As fast as they go

the gods go faster.