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Back in the Land of the Living Art by Jamie Bennett  

Back in the Land of the Living

They were supposed to meet at a splash pad in Outremont, a part of the neighbourhood Stacey had never been to before. She arrived early and sat on the top of a bench, her feet on the seat. She was wearing cutoffs and a windbreaker with a hot pink, spandex tank top underneath. There were rips in the shirt that showed her cleavage and stomach, but if she wanted she could keep the jacket zipped, it was cool enough.

A four-day heat wave had broken with a thunderstorm and now 19 degrees at night felt like jeans weather. In Newfoundland, 19 felt like the height of summer. Stacey leaned over and hit the big rubber button that was supposed to make the splash pad gurgle to life, but nothing happened. Turned off for the night. She thought the sad thought that maybe Valerie had forgotten her and right at that ...

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