Register Friday | April 12 | 2024

Christopher Szabla

Illiberal Winds

As Christopher Szabla reports, Canada has been cast as the last bastion of liberalism. Are we up to the role?

Heart of Snarkness

Media empires like Vice and celebrities like Anthony Bourdain are reporting from the world’s most misunderstood countries. Is this just repackaged sensationalism?

Social Disease

The phrase “going viral” used to conjure images of sickness and death. Now, it describes the outbreak of ideas online—and our choice of words is more apt than we realize.

The Death of Networks

Occupy and the Arab Spring are often glowingly compared to the decentralized, democratic internet. But that very similarity may have doomed these movements from the beginning.

Against the Memory Industry

Is the cult of remembrance holding us back? In an era of Google archives and tragedy tourism, we need to relearn how to forget.

Attack of the Pixels

What will happen when technology no longer augments our reality, but overthrows it?