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Jonathan Kiefer

Zero-Gravity Grimness

The new Battlestar Galactica has done away with bumpy-headed aliens and thespian histrionics. Jonathan Kiefer explains why it's the best "frakking" show on earth.

Personal Histories

Catch a Fire and The Last King of Scotland conjure up forgotten Africa

Country and Western

Are 'Cars' and 'A Prairie Home Companion' basically the same movie?

Hear Them Roar

Seven things I learned about women from Basic Instinct 2, Friends with Money and The Notorious Bettie Page

Lo, and Behold

The slightly pervy career of Jeremy Irons

Literary Lives On Screen

The films Capote and An Angel at My Table feature authors as the protagonists—to great effect

Apple Pie and Whoop-Ass

David Cronenberg fakes his way through America’s heartland—and its soul


An open letter to movie-studio marketeers

The New Talkies

Two buzz-inducing movies do wonders with language

Exit Poll

What if we can will away the blockbuster?

Getting Hold of It

Up for Grabs could be the best baseball movie of its generation—and, possibly, a major-league bummer

Quoteur Theory

Why Are Indie-Darling Directors So Into Remakes?


Don’t Count on Ray and Kinsey to Be Great, but See Them Anyway

Geek Chick

The Anti Anti-Heroes of Three New Films

Back in Black

The seminal film noir handbook - half a century late and right on time

Copy Cats

Sometimes, on the hunt for literature, it's hard to tell predator from prey