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Abou Farman

Pari's Axiom

We obsess over the founding of cities and the destruction of empires. How can we come to terms with the end?

Rites of Return

Odysseus, Don Quixote, modern refugees—some of us never truly leave home behind.

The Intelligent Universe

The next stage in evolution—a machine consciousness able to manipulate time and space—is just around the corner. The catch: humans will no longer be in charge.

Persian Dub

In this memoir of 1970s Tehran, Abou Farman recalls John Wayne, Cowboy Bazi and the "genius of dub" that remade the West in Iran's image.

Revolution of the Two Ahmads

Few events have affected the geopolitics of the Middle East more than the Iranian Revolution. Abou Farman gives a firsthand account of young idealists caught between religion and politics.