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Our Summer 2016 Issue

June 23, 2016

Festivals have become instrumental to making it as a musician, both in terms of getting paid and building a fan base. But as Miranda Campbell reports, the number of women included in these lineups is disproportionately few—as a whole, the festival circuit is still a man’s world. 

Creating a park isn’t as simple as drawing lines on a map. Jimmy Thomson on the politics, petroleum and polar bears that have shaped one Arctic conservation area thirty years in the making. 

Blair Mlotek explores the world of Modern Orthodox women, who seek to balance their religious and secular lives. 

Did Quebec sacrifice its past to build the largest roadwork project in the province’s history? John Symon investigates. 

As Brad Dunne explores, there are three ways to become a Newfoundlander: by birth, by residence or by initiation. 

Cian Cruise on the Ugandan director making blockbusters for pennies. 

What does it take to puncture cycling’s insular bro culture? Andrea Bennett speaks with the women mechanics inciting change in her community. 

Gavin Tomson reads Rivka Galchen’s Little Labors, reflecting on writers who mother and mothers who write. 

Jason Freure makes a feline friend.

Plus new fiction by Jen Neale, poetry by Kayla Czaga, the Book Room, the Music Room and more!