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Our Fall 2017 Issue

Sept. 15, 2017

Cover story: Perry Sebastian, Jr. was last seen just after Christmas 2011. As Jessica McDiarmid writes, his family is one of many seeking answers about missing and murdered male loved ones along BC's highway of tears. On our cover, Artist Denver Lynxleg and Art Director Monika Waber quote Georgina Degerness, whose son, Lucas, has been missing since 2007. The idea that Indigenous people are dispensable, says Degerness, has led to little action on the ongoing tragedy.

Is Parks Canada prioritizing profits over preservation? Sharon Riley investigates.

For Alexander Plouffe, writes his friend Richard Kelly Kemick, playing a queer suicidal teenager is hard—because it's easy.

Mica Lemiski on why it's better to be the artist than the muse.

Pop culture's obsession with twins offers Laura Wright insight into how strangers see her relationship with her sister.

Feeling Lucky? Adam Rasmi on Canada's lax privacy laws.

Erin Flegg explores how a new women's library in Vancouver became a battleground in the fight for feminism.

The Seedling: a new comic from Anne Emond.

Howard Scott translates work from Natasha Kanapé Fontaine.

The History of Canada Is a History of Oil: David Huebert reviews Sarah Marie Wiebe's Everyday Exposure.  

The Bard of Bordeaux: Kyle Carney rereads Al Purdy's Wild Grape Wine.  

Erica Ruth Kelly visits a shrine to Leonard Cohen, forgetting her pen.

Plus new fiction by Ben Ladouceur, poetry by Gillian Sze, the Book Room, the Music Room and more!