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Our Spring 2018 Issue

March 16, 2018

Cover story: a public reckoning is facing the men of Canadian politics—but a few years in Ottawa’s inner circles taught Justin Ling that what’s said in public isn’t what counts. Looking to past scandals, Ling searches for signs that men are finally listening to what women have long been saying.

Jennifer Verma explores the legacy of illiteracy in her home province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Greener pastures: Mirjam Guesgen on how Canada's tie-stall system fails dairy cattle.

Daniel Panneton explores how a little-known 1948 prison riot helped end a special hell for Canadian women.

People with disabilities want better fashion, writes Karoun Chahinian

Kindred spirits: Tatum Dooley delves into what it's like to play the iconic Anne of Green Gables for crowds of her adoring fans.

Birdering, Part III: a new comic from Elizabeth Haidle.

Cosmichronos: Nathan Cyprys's photos by, for and of space. 

Melissa Bull translates Alex Noël's "Fruits of the Loom," on the impact of the textile factory's closure in Trois-Rivières.

Our public nodcaster: Tim Forster writes the script for how to fix the CBC.  

Will Keats-Osborn on his compulsion to steal desert plants and raise them in Montreal's snowy clime. 

Plus new fiction by jia qing wilson-yang, poetry by Benjamin Hertwig, the Book Room, the Music Room and more!